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Expressions of joy, familiarity and sharing are seen on the women's faces as they take a break from a midwestern town's Annual Square Dance at the local Town Hall.

Sharing giggles and gossip, they appear in their "Sunday Best" dresses as the men on either side look familiarly onward and inward, dressed in traditional square dancing clothing.

This intricately detailed oil painting by Rita Vinlove, a beloved Kansas City fine artist of multi-media talent, tells a story of people and days gone by while simultaneously beckoning the modern viewer to something familiar.

Rita Vinlove worked for Hallmark in the 1950s before she became a court reporter. She still creates art today and meets with her painting group once a week. Her preferred mediums are oils and watercolors.

She is a longtime resident of Brookside and beloved friend of Shopgirls.

This oil painting is one-of-a kind and an original. 

To own one of Rita's pieces is a chance to own a piece of Kansas City history as well as support one of the city's amazing fine artists.

Size: 24" L x 36" W